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Urban Velo Back Issue Collection

All available back issues at one low price, up to an including the current issue. USA orders only for this item.
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Urban Velo 2010 Collection

The 2010 back issue collection, all six issues, #17-22, with full color printing inside and out. The only way to get the otherwise sold out Urban Velo #20, held a few back just for these 6-packs. USA orders only for this item.
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Urban Velo 2009 Collection

The 2009 back issue collection, all six issues, #11-16, with full color covers and black and white inside pages. USA orders only for this item.
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Urban Velo #33 – September 2012

Contents Include: Lucas Brunelle, Bang King, Tijuana, Courier Industry Reimagined, DIY Light Mount, Disc Brakes, CMWC photo gallery, I Love Riding in the City and more.
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Urban Velo #32 – July 2012

Contents Include: Doing it for the Kids—Bakersfield Bike Polo, Back Home Again In Indiana—The story of the Little 500, 3 Brooklyn Bike Builders, Product Reviews and News—State Bicycle Co, Torker, Abus, Knog, Kenda, DZR and more, The Toughest Ladies in Sport—The Ladies Army Tournament, A Conversation with Grant Petersen, Derailleur Alignment, The IG Markets Nocturne London, I Love Riding in the City and more.
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Urban Velo #31 – May 2012

Contents Include: Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race, Can Bike Shop Deserts Bloom on Chicago’s South Side?, Gallery: NAHBS 2012, Jogja Bikes Once More, Helmet Tech, Product Reviews and News, and I Love Riding in the City.
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Urban Velo #30 – March 2012

Contents Include: Glitter and Grime LA Bike Life, Greg Ugalde NYC Artist and Bike Messenger, Shanghai Photo Gallery, Post Apocalpyse Twin Cities, Pelizzoli A Living Legend, Bike Graveyards, Rim Replacement, Product Reviews and News, and I Love Riding in the City.
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Urban Velo #29 – January 2012

Contents Include: L’Eroica 2011, One Tandem, Eighty Countries, Photo Gallery: Puerto Rico, A Bicycle Framebuilding Crash Course, Residue, Product Reviews & News, Stay Loose and I Love Riding in the City
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Urban Velo #28 – November 2011

Contents Include: Bike Sharing in El Monstruo, If You Build It They Will Play, Ride Fast Roll Easy, I Love Riding in the City, Bike Jerks, Product News and Reviews, Interbike Coverage, Interbike’s Urban After Hours, Jakarta’s Record Fixed Gear Ride, Chain Width and Compatibility, Residue and No Exit
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Urban Velo #27 – September 2011

Contents Include: Chiang Mai, Thailand, In Beijing, Bike Repairs Start from Squat, Biking in the West Bank, For the Love of the Game, CMWC 2011 Warsaw, Product Reviews & News, Fixed Gear Drivetrain Cleaning, Stem Faceplate Installation, Residue and No Exit
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Urban Velo #26 – July 2011

Contents Include: Blessing of the Bikes, A Woman’s Place is in the Bike Shop, Almanzo 100, I Love Riding in the City, Midwest Mayhem Gallery, Residue, Out in the Street, Product Reviews & News, Vintage: Love It or Leave It, DIY Nipple Driver and No Exit
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Urban Velo #25 – May 2011

Contents Include: The Journey of Circulus, Kinfolk Lounge Tokyo, An Inspiring Ride with Ines Brunn, Three Portland Framebuilders, Product Reviews and News, Riding with the Dragon, Annual Advocacy Awards, Suicide Fixed Cog, Residue and No Exit
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Urban Velo #24 – March 2011

Contents Include: Escaping Is What I Do Best, Dangerous Business, Catfish And Mandala, India Gallery, Product News and Reviews, On Not Riding, The Wander Map, Stuck Seatpost, Drivetrain Wear, I Love Riding in the City, Residue and No Exit
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Urban Velo #23 – January 2011

Contents Include: Female Riders in Fixed Freestyle, Zen and the Art f Urban Cycling, Urban Ruckus, I Love Riding in the City, Austin TX Gallery, Residue, Product Reviews, Product News, Ha Ha Ha Ha Wipeout, Trail Steering Geometry and No Exit.
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Urban Velo #22 – November 2010

Contents Include: Holeshot, The Bastard Child of Cycle Speedway, Mountain Bike Philadelphia, Return of the Scorcher, E-Z Money, Beantown Builders, Gallery: Still Passing By, Residue, Winter Tire Considerations, Antique Tech: Crankset, Why Cable Locks Suck and No Exit.
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Urban Velo #21 – September 2010

Contents include: Do It By Bike In Denver, Fixed Freestyle Evolution, Countywide, I Love Riding in the City, From Cradle to Pave: Planning Your Bicycle Network, Gallery: Torneo de Bici Polo Tapatío, Residue, NYFC, Brake Lever Compatibility, Quick Release History, Maximize Solvent Use and No Exit.
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Urban Velo #19 – May 2010

Contents include: Denver’s Courier Veterans, Aiming for an Urban Cycling Mecca in Asheville, NC, Finders Keepers, I Love Riding in the City, Gallery: 2010 NAHBS, Residue, The End of Favoring Motorized Transportation, Red Hook Crit, The Lost Cyclist, Freewheel Removal, Get a Grip and Bicycle Helmet Evolution.
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Urban Velo #18 – March 2010

Contents include: Riding Inside-The Track, GOrilla Or Go Home, Green-er Machines, I Love Riding in the City, Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan, Residue, The State of the Union for Bicycling and Walking, Bikes on Film, Crank Arm Removal, Layering for Springtime, DIY Chainring Bolt Tool and No Exit.
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Urban Velo #17 – January 2010

Contents include: Riding Blind, Pulling Out the Stops, Unfamiliar Things, Two Bikes and a Funeral, Hardcourt Bike Polo Gets Organized, Gallery: Singapore Fixed, Bikes on Film: Police Beat, Splined Bottom Brackets, Winter Cycling Basics, The Internals of Internal Gears, I Love Riding in the City, Residue and No Exit: More Bicycle Games.

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Urban Velo #16 – November 2009

Contents include: Adventures in Tokyo, Persuasion: A Political Primer, Bike Works, Love Letters Written in Horseshit, I Love Riding in the City, Pedals Plus People, Residue, Urban Legend – Mike Shih, Victory of the Bicycle, Masterlink Tech, Diagnose A Stuck Stem, Line Up Your Hot Patch, No Exit.

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Urban Velo #15 – September 2009

Contents include: NACCC Photo Gallery, The Bridges of NYC, Community Cargo, On the Road to Azougui, Working Bikes, Does Share the Road Work?, Real Life Tool Kit, Repairing a Sidewall Tear, Bottom Bracket Tapers, I Love Riding in the City, Residue, Bikes on Film and No Exit.

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Urban Velo #14 – July 2009

Contents include: The Fed – Hardcourt Bike Polo Considers Its Future, Crit Racing, Barcelona Tiene Pode, Windy City Wool, Safe Routes Revolution, KC Urban Cyclist Project, Stem Clamp Penny Trick, What’s in There? – Inside Conventional Freewheels, Looking Where You’ve Been, Love Riding in the City, Residue and No Exit.
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Urban Velo #13 – May 2009

Contents include: Monster Track X, Ku, What’s the Muss About Mass? Best Before 1994, The Running of the Chickens, Urban Assault, Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Valves, Brake VS Shifter Housing, Talking About Chainline, I Love Riding in the City, Bikes on Film, Residue and No Exit.
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Urban Velo #12 – March 2009

Contents include: Pain in the Neck, Roller Racing, Bicycle Advocacy Stimulus Package, Discovering the Bicycle in Bogotá, Pacific Northwest Gallery, Residue, Bikes on Film, Getting a Handle on Handlebars, Chainring BCD Gauge and No Exit.
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Urban Velo #11 – January 2009

Contents include: Ghost Bikes – Remembering our Fallen Friends, Fixed Freestyle Evolution, Fyxomatosis Gallery, How to Tie & Solder Spokes, The Rotafix Method, Residue, Black Sea by Bicycle, A Legacy of Bicycle Advocacy, I Love Riding in the City and No Exit.
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Urban Velo #10 – November 2008

Contents include: The Million Mile Man – Danny Chew, A Ride on the Wild Side – A Working Vacation as a Bike Messenger, 10 Types of Pedestrians We Love to Hate, Winter Footwear Options, Bike! Bike! 2008, Blinkie Light Theory, How to use a Chain Tool, Ed Glazar Photo Gallery, plus I Love Riding in the City, Bikes on Film, Residue and No Exit comics.
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Urban Velo #8 – July 2008

Contents include: Cycle Messenger World Championships, World Naked Bike Ride, Bicycle Film Festival – NYC, A Special Place In Hell For Bike Thieves, Sustainable Fuel, Residue, Fastest Man On A Bicycle Honored At Last, Share… And Share Alike – Examining Vélib, One Car – Family Living with Less Cars, More Bikes, Bike Threading Explained, A Simple Way to Measure Chain Stretch, I Love Riding in the City and No Exit
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Urban Velo #1 – May 2007

Contents include: Stupor Bowl X, Bike Polo Revival, Proper Lock Use, Complete Streets, Patching Tubes, Bike Bike Preview, Her Story and more!
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