Urban Velo


Subscribe today and be sure to receive the next year’s worth of Urban Velo magazine delivered to your door. That is five issues of full color old-fashioned printed paper magazine goodness, the way magazines are truly meant to be. In 2014 Urban Velo will be published in April, June, August, October and December.


As each print issue becomes available we’ll drop one in the mail to you for the next year. $15 buys you a 5 issue subscription to Urban Velo. Subscriptions start with the next available issue of Urban Velo and will go from there.

5 issues – One year.

$15 available to USA mailing addresses only. Subscribers outside of USA must choose “International” option for an additional $20 USD. Postage is expensive. Boats are slow — please allow 6-8 weeks for international delivery.

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The fine print: Magazines are mailed just after the official publication date (ex. April 2014 issue mailed on or around April 7th) and can take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Unfortunately the mail system is slow, but we do our best to make sure your copy arrives as soon as possible. We are not responsible for missing copies due to incorrect address or failure to give notice of a move.

Change of address: The Post Office does not notify anyone of your change of address, and isn’t the best about forwarding magazines. Please email us with your address change. Be sure to include your full name and previous address along with your new one.